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PhytoSwiss Pharma LLC is a Swiss company, which develops innovative evidence-based phytodrugs and phytotherapy supplements.

We are building the next generation of phytodrugs for helping to treat or prevent diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

We aim to offer to patients a completely new natural complementary way for managing their diseases and improving their quality of life.

Our ambition is to become a highly competitive phytotherapy company, thanks to the trustworthiness inspired by our products, a higher innovative capacity, and a fast expansion.

Research & Development

Our phytodrug pipeline contains a set of products for treating and preventing diabetes

Innovation from nature


Fewer side effects

Higher efficiency


We designed a unique Research, Development & Innovation platform incorporating bioinformatics and advanced machine learning techniques for pushing the frontiers of phytodrug development and opening a new era of modern phytotherapy.

With our data-driven platform we are creating a new generation of innovative patentable phytodrugs based on combinations of bioactive botanical extracts that target multiple molecular and physiological pathways with synergistic effects.

Compared to classical R&D approaches, our data-driven model allows us to significantly reduce time of development, risks, and necessary resources, for a faster revenue generation.

Thanks to advanced technologies and new combinations of botanical compounds, we develop realistic, safe and complementary natural products for addressing global metabolic diseases.


Metabolic drugs pipeline

  • GSP1 35%
  • GSD1 20%
  • GSC1 23%
  • GSF1 15%


Premium Swiss-made phytotherapy supplements

Beside our core metabolic products under development, we are offering premium Swiss-made phytotherapy supplements for exclusive distribution. They are immediately available and we are actively looking for distributors worldwide.

Currently, we offer 3 evidence-based phytotherapy supplements of the highest quality providing support for

  • • weight management
  • • digestive discomfort
  • • demanding body-mind activities

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any business development inquiry.

Large consumer segments

Clinical evidences

Highest purity

Unique formulations


Pharma-grade packaging


Our office in Switzerland

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