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PhytoSwiss Pharma is a Swiss company, optimizing synergies of natural ingredients for reaching maximal power in beauty & health

Our AI-driven platform allows fast patenting of best optimized combinations of natural ingredients preventing metabolic diseases & skin aging, and optimizing beauty & health

We aim to offer to our customers a new range of effective patented natural products for improving health, beauty, and quality of life for their consumers worldwide

Our ambition is to offer large distributors worldwide our patented combinations of natural actives with maximal power for differentiated end products with strong IP protection (no copycats) and utmost beneficial effects

Research & Development

Our AI-based platform is aimed at management of metabolic diseases and prevention of aging in beauty & health markets

Innovation from nature



Fewer side effects

Maximal synergies


Patenting & licensing

We designed a unique Research, Development & Innovation platform incorporating bioinformatics and advanced algorithms for pushing the frontiers of optimization in formulations, and opening a new era of modern nature-based therapies.

With our data-driven platform, we are creating a new generation of innovative patentable formulations based on combinations of botanical bioactives that target multiple molecular and physiological pathways with synergistic effects (multiplied by factors of x5, x10, x20…).

Compared to classical R&D approaches, our data-driven model allows us to significantly reduce time of development, risks, and necessary resources for patenting combinations of actives with utmost beneficial effects.

Thanks to advanced technologies and new combinations of botanical compounds, our platform allows developing natural products for effectively addressing the global pandemic of metabolic diseases, and the huge demand worldwide for cosmetics with visible and long-lasting effects.


Metabolic drugs pipeline

  • GSP1 35%
  • GSD1 20%
  • GSC1 23%
  • GSF1 15%


Licensing our data-driven patents for ultimate beauty & health


Beside our metabolic and cosmetic formulations under development, we are offering premium Swiss-made nutritional supplements for exclusive distribution. They are immediately available for distributors worldwide.

Currently, we offer 3 evidence-based phytotherapy supplements of the highest quality providing support for

  • • weight management
  • • digestive discomfort
  • • demanding body-mind activities

For interested distributors, our focus is on

  • • cardio-metabolic diseases (diabetes, NAFLD/NASH, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia…) and their complications
  • • many indications in cosmetics, dermocosmetics, and nutricosmetics, including preventing and reversing aging.

Premium Swiss-made

Clinical evidences

Highest purity

Vegetarian products

ICH-4b stabilities

GMP manufacturing

Pharma-grade triplex blisters

No excipients


Our office in Switzerland

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